Welcome to issue #40. One year ago Amazon dropped the Alexa Skills Kit and the revolution began. One year later Apple has been forced (?) to open up Siri. I don't know what else could have forced that - since they could have easily done it years ago. Well, year two should be far more interesting, and far more impactful for developers. I expect we'll see a proper skill store and many thousand more skills. Tell me what you think we'll see.

The Alexa apps got a big update this week. The skill listing was in dire need of an update. Well done Amazon.

Drop me a note if you find or create any great resources for ASK/AVS Developers.

Mark Carpenter



My previous means of counting the number of live skills is no longer working, given the change in the skill listing. So, I'm searching for the best path ahead, and I'm open to suggestions. For today's count, I simply totaled the number of skills listed in each category. That's the number at the top of each category. But that total is 1,656. And that's a single week increase of 264 skills or 19%. Is this the correct number? Let me know what you think.

There were 1,656 skills live in at 8:00 AM EDT, Friday, July 1.

264 more than June 24. +19%/wk

On Oct 16, 2015, there were 21 skills.



Current Device Software Version: 3386 No change from last week.


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