Welcome to Issue #35. Google's Home device dropped out of the cloud and into the news stream this week. There is innovation there. That's good, as the ideas will spread and Alexa will get better as a result. No matter what the landscape is in one year, the current situation is that Alexa is way out in the lead and the opportunity to stay in front exists.

Sometime in the next week there will be 1,000 skills live. It will have taken about 38 weeks to reach that milestone. The next 1,000 will take how long? Let me know what your guess is. And, as always, drop me a note if you find or create any great resources for ASK/AVS Developers.

Mark Carpenter



There were 958 skills live in at 8:00 AM EDT, Friday, May 20.

74 more than last week. +8%

On Oct 16, 2015, there were 21 skills.




Current Device Software Version: 3202 No change from last week.