Welcome to Issue #25. Financial skills have arrived. This is likely to scare some (change is scary) and others, including me, are going to embrace it. So, have we reached a tipping point? Or did we pass it already?

This issue is news heavy because there was a lot of news. Including the first (?) article about Echo from the NY Times. That's significant. Then there's SONOS' being impacted by Alexa and Echo. And lots more. Traction has given way to acceleration.

The Echo is still Sold Out. Previously scheduled to be in stock on March 12, it's now targeted to be available on March 27. Curious.

Drop me a note if you find or create any great resources for ASK/AVS Developers.

Mark Carpenter



There were 361 skills live in at 9:30 AM ET. 33 more than last week. +10%

On Oct 16, 2015, there were 21 skills.


GitHub Repos

A quick search of GitHub reveals there are 222 public repos with "Alexa Skill" in the description or read me. I know of many more private repos and also that not all ASK related repos get tagged with "Alexa Skill". But 222!

<speak>That's incredible<break time='618ms'/>and generous.</speak>



Current Device Software Version: 3077 (no change from last week)


"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

- Albert Einstein